The Hopeless State
Then I shall awaken,
leaning upon the strength of God,

 Who is above all things
He will deliver, I cry,

He will save, He will recreate,
God Of Heaven, from within Himself
Will become what our hearts have craved.

(Cease this, you whispered, at him from your lofty tower carved from ice.)
(But don’t you see, now he’s calling on you to change the prophecies)    

  Our hearts will no longer fight with jealousy or strife,
No devil’s voice will echo
Where the child has sung, I replied
the will, the old,

  Imperfect shall crumble, 
I shall save you  

 (From what does he seek to “save” me, or is the fair one; He calls your adopted daughter he seeks to save?)   (Child, at this point how could he know the difference? His love for both transcended any sense, and Reason went unheard)    

Though I must descend to the bowels of Hell,
to reveal the beauty

That dwells within all human hearts,
That love alone can conquer all

The Great reality,
The newest of all is the oldest of all. I whispered
the greatest of all Commands 

Will be fulfilled,
Love will be the New Jerusalem, 

It will grow within our hearts. 

Then I heard the laughter of the elder gods

No more will you dream of her,
Of Her beauty,
Of Her voice,
nor rest in the glow of

The Light of God,  

Your silent scorn sears my heart.
Heart of my soul, 
The God within us 
Calls you to holiness beyond your understanding.
My soul leaps when it hears your voice, 

As a child within its mother’s womb.
When my eyes behold you, 

It is as the thirsty pilgrim sees the oasis rising from the red and burning sand.
As the wandering  

Lost seek their home in God,   

In the

So does my soul reach for you.
For in you I have seen that which was lost so long ago 

That time has long forgot that once it was.


Book ONE


The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

Table of Contents

Book TWO
Act One - Scene One
Act One - Scene Two
Act One - Scene Three
Act One - Scene Four
Act Two - Scene One
Act Two - Scene Two
Act Two - Scene Three
Act two - Scene Four





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