In the beginning….
There was the quantum foam,
And the foam was formless and timeless
There was neither light nor darkness,
Nor was there any singularity.
Potential only existed.
2 Then the Presence said
“Let there be singularities,”
And It looked upon the singularities
And saw that they were good.
3 Then the Presence said, “Let it begin.”
And Let It Begin was the Word
And there was light,
And there was Time,
And there was Space,
4 And all rushed from each other
And all separated in every direction,
And time sped in all directions
And space filled itself with time,
In all directions.
5 And so it was
That in the beginning there was The Word,
And the word separated the unbeing
From the being,
And all came into being
6 And nothing that came into being
Came into being without the Word.
7 Then the Presence created beings,
And the beings were a delight

8 And the beings were filled with joy.
Then It came unto the Presence,
And it said, “How is it that all
Of Time and Space are disruption,
Yet your beings all are one?”
9 And the Presence listened to It,
And sent a new word. 
And the new word was
And “Sin” went into the World,
10 And Sin went unto those who existed
As one in the Presence,
And Sin said, “Be apart,
And know no joy.”
11 And all who were, obeyed Sin
And became children of Sin
In obeying Sin
12 And Sin looked at what had been done,
And It looked at what had been done
And the Presence looked at what had been done.
And all wept.



Book ONE


The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

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Book TWO
Act One - Scene One
Act One - Scene Two
Act One - Scene Three
Act One - Scene Four
Act Two - Scene One
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