ACT 2nd

“The Deuce of swords”

Scene 1st


Back at the Coffee House the Sisters and Jack patch are sitting together, along with the host of the evening, they are drinking coffee and being attended to by the Black Figures.  There is no on else there.

EILLAINE: Nice place you’ve got here, Jack, planning on leaving it, or was it just a one night stand?

JACK PATCH:  Well, now that’s an interesting question.  If I leave it someone will have to run it for me.  On the other hand if I remove it, then I’ve got to change reality for a lot of people outside the doors, including anyone who might have just passed by last night.

LAURAL: The Prince of Lies is having problems with lies?

JACK PATCH: Please, you cut me to the quick.  That name was applied to me by someone who couldn’t stand the truth.   looking at the host, How do you like being mortal?

HOST: It’s interesting, I’ve never tried “human” before.  If you want me to keep this place up for you I’m not busy for a few centuries yet.

JACK PATCH: If you’re sure you can handle the native born viciousness and hatred of this era you’ll do all right for a few years, it might even prove entertaining—if nothing else educational.

HOST: Entertaining is good, educational can be painful.  Still, it might be fun to see the nonsense first hand.

JACK PATCH: Okay, then it’s done.

LAURAL: Great.   “Host,” what’s your name?

HOST: You mean on Earth?  At home, my name is just that “Host,” or sometimes “Legion.”  Hmmm, what should I use for a name here?

JACK PATCH: Something that fit’s the name of this joint? 

LAURAL: How about “Nicholas von Teufel?” People could call you “Nick,”  I doubt Jack needs the name any more.

HOST:  I like it.

JACK PATCH: I’m sure you’ll do it proud, that is once some of the insanity blows over and they have a war or two.

LAURAL: Must you two always talk shop?

EILLAINE: Typical, we’ve just seen an incredible turn of events, and these two only want to talk business.

JACK PATCH:  Goddess, isn’t business what it’s all about?  This is America after all.  Pauses, scratches a sideburn lightly, looks at the other three with a puzzled expression on his face.  Where did she get a unicorn?

LAURAL: And why?

EILLAINE: looking slightly frightened.  Rhiannon’s symbol is a horse, or a white rabbit—and, of course, her birds.  Why a uni…

The door flies open and Rhiannon enters, dressed in “mortal clothes,” and starts speaks as though she’s out of breath from running, there is also a slightly panicked tone to her voice. 

RHIANNON:  Have any of you seen Decker?

EILLAINE:  Isn’t he still in your bedroom?

RHIANNON: glaring at Eillaine, Lady Wisdom, please don’t play games with me.  I know you’ve coveted him since he was your student.  Have you got him?  I just want to know if he’s safe.

LAURAL:  Sit down, Lady Rhiannon, you’re serious aren’t you?

RHIANNON:  Deadly.  I woke up this morning, some sound startled me…No, we weren’t still in the “motel”  I shifted us back to my lodgings.  I looked through the window, I turned and he was gone—as though he’d never been there.  Eillaine, do you know where he…

EILLAINE: Me?  What are you suggesting?

RHIANNON:  You’ve get the immortal hots for him every time he …

EILLAINE:  He was mine first!

RHIANNON: He’s  mine, he was mine before your Father’s name was ever uttered !


EILLAINE & RHIANNON: exasperated anger  WHAT?

LAURAL: Haven’t you two noticed something—or excuse me, Lady Rhiannon—Eillaine, haven’t you noticed—you’re remembering everything again, so am I.

EILLAINE: I’m remembering all right, I’m remembering that I had a lovely student once who became so confused that…

LAURAL: Eillaine please be careful of what you say?  Do you remember where we are? 

RHIANNON: Lady Wisdom, do you recall where that lovely student came from?

EILLAINE: My Lady, my sister advises us correctly.  I’m afraid this setting may indeed affect our memories and attitudes as much as Earth herself does.

JACK PATCH: I am, after all the Prince of Lies, am I not, or is that Prince of Truths?  I can’t change the rules of this kingdom any more than I can change the rules outside the door or in heaven itself.  But, please, no more anger for a few minutes.  Rhiannon, your young man hasn’t been here, and Eillaine hasn’t left since we left you last night—with your Dr Powell and your unicorn.

RHIANNON: Unicorn?  Decker said something about a unicorn, but I’m afraid we were too busy for me to focus on what he…

EILLAINE: To busy indeed, filling your horny….

RHIANNON:  Look you heavenly bitch…

LAURAL:  Both of you, stop it, now.

JACK PATCH:  I enjoy a good cat fight as much as any other demon, but not tonight please.  For some reason I feel an urge to help your Decker too.  Odd, I’ve been helping you three all along, every since you set foot in my kingdom.  You are in deed strangers in this strange land, sojourners as it…

EILLAINE: Can it Jack.  I appreciate you help, but I’m also sure you’ve got your own motives. 

RHIANNON: Lady Wisdom doesn’t know everything?

EILLAINE: starts to reply angrily, but then her tone changes suddenly to a humble one. I know enough to….I’m sorry.  Lady High Queen, I know you love him dearly,

And have for as long as I have, and if the truth be told; you’ve treated him far better than I ever have.  Lady Wisdom may know everything, but as another very lovely lady once said  “The hardest voyage in a human’s travel is the journey from the mind to the heart.”  I’m afraid it’s true even for “Wisdom,” for Wisdom dwells only in the mind, where as you, My lady, dwell in the heart.

The room is still, Eillaine and Rhiannon embrace each other and weep briefly.

JACK PATCH: Truth will come out  here after all.  Ladies, I have an idea.

RHIANNON: Yes, Jack?

JACK PATCH:  Rhiannon, first; are you sure he didn’t just step out for fresh air or something?

RHIANNON: Jack, no, I was next to him.  He was there, then he was gone.

JACK PATCH: If you remember what time he vanished, you should be able to exit the rear door and return to Earth at what ever time you like, perhaps 15 minutes before the event?  Or earlier? 

LAURAL: The unicorn?

RHIANNON: The unicorn?

LAURAL: It wasn’t yours, who’s was it?  Why did it appear?  Didn’t your birds warn you something was wrong?  It bothers me that some unicorns are fond of dining on human flesh.

RHIANNON:  Only that of virgins, and I assure you that Decker is no…O, I’m sorry Eillaine…I didn’t mean to rub it…

EILLAINE:  No, it’s okay, I understand.

RHIANNON: I’ll try it Jack, My ladies, could I prevail on you to aid me?

SISTERS: Of course, let’s go now.

JACK PATCH:  At the door, Rhiannon, contemplate the time you need it to be on the other side, and where you need to be—then turn the handle and exit.  You’ll be right where you need to be to begin to solve the mystery anyway.

RHIANNON:  Thank you, jack, what ever your motives, you’re being a good friend for now. Smiles and nods  slightly in deference, Jack stands and returns the gesture.  The three ladies exit off stage to the left.  There is a moment of silence, then a flash of light, and the sound of a very heavy door being closed.

JACK PATCH: sitting and speaking to Host,  What an opportunity I had just then.  I must be getting soft.  Think of the promises I could have extracted from…

HOST:  Be serious boss, you know who Rhiannon really is, even if she doesn’t..  I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side when she really wakes up.

JACK PATCH:  The unicorn thing bothers me.

HOST: Jack, hasn’t it struck you that something else is very weird? 

JACK PATCH: Beyond the normal weirdness, you mean?

HOST:  Jack, look.  We’re figures out of a Christian’s nightmare, though you bear a striking resemblance to the way they portrayed you in “Job.”  But look, Rhiannon?

She’s straight out of the old myths, the pre Celtic times.  Wisdom and Reason?  As two figures?  Their names?  What mythos birthed them?  And the judge, “No Name?  Who’s that?  What’s that all about?  Is he the “Croucher?” or is straight out of Egypt with those scales, and now we have a unicorn? 

JACK PATCH:  I see your point.  Hmmm, no, the Croucher is one of mine and it only goes after the souls of the ultra self-righteous anyway, well them and psychiatrists, not lawyers though.

HOST: Not another lawyer joke?

JACK PATCH:  Nah, they got it way ahead of us anyway. Jerks a thumb toward the audience.

HOST: So, any ideas?

JACK PATCH: A unicorn?  Who the heck uses or manifests as a unicorn?  No one that I can think of, but then…

The light slowly dims, the curtain falls, then rises again quickly

The three ladies are standing outside the apartment building where Rhiannon lives, the back is to a group of trees.  It is just about day break.  As they stand they hear the sound of muffled, slowly moving horse’s hooves.  They duck behind the trees.  The unicorn appears stage left, crosses to a window where light is shining out.  The unicorn looks in for a moment, then turns and slowly walks back the way it came.  The ladies start to walk toward the window, but Eillaine holds back.

EILLAINE:  I really don’t feel like watching this part, if it’s okay with you…

Rhiannon  looks back at her, nods in understanding.  As she moves further forward Laural also stops.  Rhiannon moves to the window and starts to look in.  She turns to the other two with a puzzled look on her face, as she starts to turn back there is a blinding flash of light and a loud explosive noise, like thunder.  She staggers and falls to her knees.  The other two rush forward and hold her, they try to help her to her feet but she collapses totally.  While Laural kneels beside her trying to help her Eillaine is slowly drawn toward the window she looks in screams, and faints.  Laural stands, a look of sick fear crosses her face as she too walks toward the window.  She looks in and simply stands there staring.  A light sobbing sound is heard, then her weeping becomes louder and louder until in turns into a keening wail. As the curtain falls slowly the unicorn begins to enter the stage.  Just before the curtain drops the unicorn is seen lowering its head toward Eillaine’s prostrate form..

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The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

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