The Awakening Nightmare

But then who would give a wit, 
Then if all were to turn to ashes?
The world turns gray within my mouth 

I regard the folly of my life.
Dedicated to the service of the


A martyr never sought,  
Passed over in the dark.  
(Daughter, how my heart weeps for him, for in losing you, He does in deed lose me.  Reason alone can not Save him, nor any longer, I fear, can you)  
Heart of My soul, you have fled me 
Your Holiness shed away from fear.
Your beauty laid open to all,  

Forbidden to none but me
Now I seek you in the debasement of my being.
The lie that is my soul

Lies bare before the world

A joke, 
A prank by a Laughing God,
That Love could come to one as me,

A Fool with no names.  
Heart of my soul, you have found my name  
Called it aloud for all to hear,
Of Folly, 
Student  Of weakness,  Student
No More.
My flesh is not armor against you.
As my Heart Shatters
My Soul dies
My sword,   

My shield have been
  Taken from me,
my lance has been shattered,

Heart of my Soul, 
   What have you done?
You have slain me!

(It is an axiom of medicine that all bleeding stops eventually)
(Father please, that was unkind)  
(Daughter, behold, his love for you is palpable, yet you stayed away from him as a coquettish school girl)  
(No Father, he no longer seeks me, he seeks that One that he saw and made in to me) (Daughter, look closer at his heart, it bleeds for you, Not her, she has abandoned him, and he has accepted Her going.  It is you, now he seeks)

Book ONE


The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

Table of Contents

Book TWO
Act One - Scene One
Act One - Scene Two
Act One - Scene Three
Act One - Scene Four
Act Two - Scene One
Act Two - Scene Two
Act Two - Scene Three
Act two - Scene Four





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