The Flame Remembered

They had come for us in the early dawn,
With weapons,
 Bound my hands
To the pole, with the others,
They hated, 
Piled the stacks of wood, dried wood, to burn us
To kill us again,
 For the pleasure.
These people who called upon Our God
As their father I stood proud,  
Thought of you,
Inside I wept that I would not see your eyes, 
But rejoiced that you were spared,
This site, this sight, this plight. This end of my folly,
(In truth dreaded the scolding of your tongue)
  (I remember that day, Father, that was cruel)

Then I looked at those they had bound beside me,
I gazed at their estate,
I remembered how they had followed
How they heard me speak His Holy Words,
Were seduced to Love,
Now seduced by death’s licking tongue.
I cried aloud,
NO, this shall not BE,
You shall not slay
Any who trusted me
In my vanity I first dreamed I had the might

To free us all from the fire. Then failing I called on all the elder gods
But not your Father,
Till I saw the flames start to lick at my feet.
  I called HIS name
  Then came a clashing of cymbals, 
 A burning of light
White  Pure 
Your Brother,
 Descended among them they cried His name,
But He knew them not.
He passed through them as a parting of the sea
He freed me, they with me from the flames, 
 Then was gone
Free from judgment then by men,
 To walk the lonely path, in vain
To seek relief from pain,
From the lost 
Lonely heart,
That beats so heavily within my breast,
Cries a babe in hunger weeps,

No filling for the emptiness is here,
Nor will it be, nor can it be
You are not near.

  (Tell me Father, was not that the start of another Fool’s quest you set on his shoulders?  Were Not promises seemingly made that would not be kept, neither By you, nor your priests?)  

Heart of my Soul, 
So far away, in distant lands  
You are held in prison deep, 
I heard your cry,
I rose to my feet.  
I discarded my armor  
Donned the pilgrim’s cloak
Grey humble must I seek, 
Long long miles before we speak. 
Many suns will stare at me, 
Wonder how it is I walk alone,
Not with you.  


Book ONE


The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

Table of Contents

Book TWO
Act One - Scene One
Act One - Scene Two
Act One - Scene Three
Act One - Scene Four
Act Two - Scene One
Act Two - Scene Two
Act Two - Scene Three
Act two - Scene Four





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