Scene the 4th

The whole set is removed, a bed is moved on stage with Decker in it.  As the lights slowly stop and become a simple room lit by a lamp he is seen to be sleeping restlessly.  Behind the bed there is a stand with a bottle and two glasses, behind that is a window with pulled back white curtains.  The curtains appear dingy in this light. He awakens:

DECKER:  What the?? Where am I?  Who?

As he speaks he sits up in bed and rubs his eyes constantly as though they wouldn’t focus.

DECKER: Rhiannon?

He looks around the room.  He hears the sound of water running in the bathroom.  He looks at a table behind the bed and begins to weep hysterically,

DECKER: Oh no!  O, dear God, NO! Now, illuminated we see an empty vodka bottle and two glasses, one of which bears clear marks of lipstick..

What have I done? Sobbing,  God, what have I done?  Am I drunk?  I must be, I can’t remember a thing.  Did I make love to….O, no…o, no…o, no, not, o, my God please no.  I’d rather be dead than….

Stage left appear the No Name, Jack Patch, and the sisters.  They watch him and begin to talk among themselves.  As they talk Decker remains frozen in time and place.

BUSINESS:  Go, ahead, now.  Take his souls and measure it.  He’s done nothing wrong yet his feelings of guilt and shame are going to destroy him.  Go on, I dare you.

LAURAL:  Is there a reason why you hesitate?  Didn’t the Almighty One, send you here to  judge him?

NO NAME:  This is the extent of his crime?  That he’s in love with Rhiannon? He hasn’t touched her,  but the thought that he has is making him feel so guilty he wants to die?  His feelings of guilt arise from a feeling that he betrayed her trust?  It’s senseless.  I don’t need the scales.  He’s an idiot, but a guileless one.  His soul, heartless as it is, is still lighter than a feather from a sparrow’s soul.  But, even had he fallen into her embrace, and had they made love through the night, how could I judge him?  This poor mortal’s soul torn by you three goddesses, his heart and mind played with for what reason I do not know —nor do I think I care to know.  Still your Father sent me to weigh and to judge, and what am I to say? I’m required to take his life, and to weigh his soul.  But now I wonder, how fair is Your Father, and from what madness does he send me here?  Is it this human form that blinds me to God’s purpose here?  Am I too, to join in your rebellion, just to save one man—a man bound to the oldest of the ancient gods?

JACK PATCH: Sadly, Falto, I am the only one here not controlled by the One Who Is, and I am unable to explain much of what He does here—not because I don’t know, but because it would harm both Decker and others.  If you must answer to  The Almighty, tell him you were beaten by three witches and the Devil. Smiles evilly. But bide a moment, The Goddess comes to do her will with him.  Wisdom, does this not give you a great deal of pain to watch?  Once again…but, I forget, you can’t know or understand while in your mortal guise.

ELLAINE: But what does cross my mind and my heart is less than pleasant and   a strange feeling of jealousy and even shame—yes shame, clouds my mind.

The bathroom door opens, Rhiannon emerges at first she seems nude and glowing, but she is wearing a golden cloak which is nearly transparent and seems to glow with its own inner golden light. she sees them and him.  She smiles a knowing smile and gets into bed next to him.  She touches his head softly and he falls back to his pillow asleep.  She lays down next to him and rests her head on his shoulder, his arm curls around her neck and they both sleep. 

NO NAME:  So, Goddesses what next?  Wisdom’s student remains a puzzle, remains a paradox, confuses me.   I’ve failed to find corruption in him.  Am I now a part of your rebellious ranks?  But who awoke Rhiannon?  I see no need for her to have awakened.  Surely either of you could have staged this display of innocence?

EILLAINE:  It was not us.  We thought it was “Mr Patch,” here.

BUSINESS: Not me, I thought it was you two.

NO NAME: Then whom?

All exit, the stage is bare except for the bed where Rhiannon and Decker sleep. Then Business enters stage left, picks up the bottle and glasses silently and exits the way he entered.  LAURAL enters opposite with a half filled pitcher of pink lemonade and two glasses which she places where the vodka bottle was.  She exits where she entered. The room is silent.  Then, at the window, there is a brightening light which renders the thin curtains bright white.  A light tapping is heard and the head of a pure white Unicorn appears and looks in, it’s golden horn reflects Rhiannon’s glow, and stares as the curtain falls.


The curtain is down but Rhiannon’s and Decker’s voices are clearly audible.

RHIANNON:  Decker, please let go of the age thing?  I’m older than you know, I’ve been married twice,  and have been unjustly accused of  murdering my own child. I’ve borne the weight of guilty Hearts upon my back And longed for love. Please, dearest, don’t destroy this beautiful night with your doubts.

DECKER: Rhiannon, I love you—but was that a unicorn?

RHIANNON: Yes dearest, our guardian for the night

DECKER: Rhiannon, I’m sorry, I’m confused, but I love you so damn much I don’t care what or who is outside, as long as we’re here…still, love, I’m so sorry, I’ve been very selfish,….

RHIANNON: Love, stop, you owe me no apologies, I’m the one who’s been blessed to find you, to find your strength and your dear love. Now come and kiss me again, we have many years  of missing love to catch up on.

DECKER: MM mmm????????????????????????


DECKER: A unicorn?



Book ONE

The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
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The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

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