The True Awakening 

Dawn gazes with questioning eyes
Upon my shattered form,
Psyche laughs at my wounds

No healing auras from our Creator

Come to spread their balm upon my soul
The burning sun tells me, 
The foolish questings just begun,

 Was it not you I saw but a nightmare drear?
I did so pray.

Come to me, it sang
Free me from my prison walls
 Bring not your weapons,
But rather bring an open heart, 
Joyous soul,   
Sing apart these unholy walls  

Heart of my Soul, so far away, in distant lands,
 Held in prison deep the pilgrim’s cloak humble must I seek, 
 Long long miles before we speak. 
Many suns will stare at me,
Wonder how it is I walk alone,
 Not with you
The journey is long, 
Or so I fear,
 Yet still your image guides my path,
You the one inspire me
Not to yield to sorrow
Or to pain
But to steadily
Seek your

Darkened concealing place

(Father, I fear I do remember that I loved him once, as well, but what must I do
To show him where I dwell, and save him from this pilgrimage to Hades?

Or look where you are not,
For you have flown away
  Along the path they stare at me,
Curse, mutter, 
 Seek to damn me
Calling names
They seek to weaken,
 To deter me.

The joy you could bring into the world,
Is hateful to those who
Dwell with their hearts still furled.

 Stop, they cry, 
 Old, your joints are stiff
 Filled with weakness,
 Fat, unfit for questing,
Ugly man, you terrify our children
Desist. Your path is a drunken reel
Bald, withered.   

Your mind is clouded with unholy desire
Old, raised from death's bed once
 Bent, broken,
Soon you'll die anew

Hold your steps, 
None will come to save you.
 Cease your journey.
No one waits for you.
Stop your quest.
(Father, now my heart is breaking, why are you so silent?
Look how they mock him.)
(Yes?  So they mock the man of an ‘arid mind?’ What is that to you?)
Heart of my Soul, 
So far away, In distant lands 
Held in prison deep, 
I heed your cry, I rise to my feet.  
I discard my armor  
Don the pilgrim’s cloak. 
Grey humble must I seek,
Long long miles before we speak.  
Many suns will stare at me, 

Wonder how it is I walk alone,  
Not with you.  


From distant lands
 I hear you call
From spells cast
To hold you mute,
You yield to overcome,
You cast your shadow far o’er me
That others think me such a fool
To seek you, my teacher.
When they know not
 The truth.  

Your visage ever before me,
Holds my heart as ever
Though it feels I’ll never see you,  
The crowds say,
Yield your foolish dream,
Stop your childish searching,
God is not in the Mountains of your vision,  
Nor is there truth in dreams.  

(Father what shall I do?)
(Wisdom asks for wisdom?)

Book ONE


The Past
The Hopeless State
Awakening Nightmare
The True Awakening
The Corrections
The Teacher Responds
The Flame Remembered
The First Ending of the Light
The End of the First Book

Table of Contents

Book TWO
Act One - Scene One
Act One - Scene Two
Act One - Scene Three
Act One - Scene Four
Act Two - Scene One
Act Two - Scene Two
Act Two - Scene Three
Act two - Scene Four





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