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  White's Drive In

October 24, 1995 
White's "Drive-In"

Pig Notes Number 3
Return with me now, to those thrilling days of yesteryore. When I was a strapping hugh school lad in Bay City our hangout was a drive-in known as White's.

Long long years later when Mrs GG and I began those nostalgic reruns of our youth, we began journeying home to my childhood. To my great pleasure we found the White's was still there and still served great food.

No, it not a drive in any more, its a "family restaurant." Still it retains the flavor of those days (the fifties) without being cloyingly nostalgic for a past that never was.

The menu ranges from "loose hamburgers" to prime rib, depending on the day of the week. Mrs. GG says the perch there are almost the best she has ever eaten and she usually orders them. There is a very nice (if a bit small) salad bar with the usual and some nice crispy garlic toast. Last time there they were having a prime rib special, being the glutton that I am I ordered the 12 oz, ($10.95). Their prime rib is almost pure meat, very little fat. No its not as tender as the ones at "Boones" but it costs only about half as much so its a good bang for the buck.

My personal preference, however, is the loose burgers the way they used to make them at "Doyle's" (a restaurant now long gone-alas) in Bay City. I like to combine that with a plate of their excellent fries--not a bad meal for a few dollars.

The service there is very good, the waitpeople are well schooled in the concepts of courtesy and manners. The desserts are very good also. There is no booze service, so if you need to imbibe a glass of wine before dinner you'd better do it at home--but the food really stands well on its own.

To get there, go north on I75 to the M10 highway to Bay City, stay on 10 till the freeway ends (it becomes 25) the light is Euclid, hang a left and drive less than a mile--White's is on the west side of the street.

Go and enjoy.
Rating: seven oinks and a good buurrp
The Galloping Glutton

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