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  Heritage House

October 18, 1995 
Pig Notes #2

The GG and Mrs. GG actually encountered "Gracie's" on our way to another place. It is probably no secret, if you love fine food (and lots of it), that one of the best restaurants in the Midwest is located over in Chesaning, Michigan. Get off I75 at M57 and head west, you'll know when you're there. It is a marvelous old town with great "atmosphere." There are antique shops and craft stores all around, and in the winter one of the GG's favorite activities is the "luminary" festival, thousands of candles light the streets. Ah, but enough about the charm of Chesaning, once you you get there you'll know what I mean.

In no way hidden, but rather obvious, as you proceed through the town, is the "Heritage House." This is a wondrous old mansion redone to serve the eating needs of the hungry tourist or native. The restaurant occupies two floors while the basement is devoted to a Rathskellar type of eatery (at least an American concept of what a Rathskellar is.) In the course of several years we have dined at the Heritage House on many occasions, and not once been disappointed. The closest this place has ever come to a "let down" was once, when the restaurant was very busy, the coffee grew cold. The waitperson apologized and quickly brewed up a fresh pot (and their coffee is very good by the way).

Ok, you say, "all well and good" but what about the food? Well from fresh perch to standing rib, from chicken breast to filet mignon the quality has been excellent. On Sundays they occasionally have a three meat dinner (or lunch if you're early) that is chicken, ribs, and roast beef--all very very good.

The desserts are more than ample, and quite good--but not alas, superb. They are served in large portions but candidly the GG has had better. This should not detract you however since the meals are of such copious sizes that even the GG is hard pressed to find room for the sweets.

The veggies are always good, the breads and rolls are fresh and hot, the mashed potatoes are "real" and not whipped or from a box. The garlic toast is very good as well, and the ubiquitous (at least in Michigan) "bar cheese" is also quite savorful.

This is probably the best buy for your buck south of Bay City and never fails to please the senses. The atmosphere in the Heritage House is a delight, always seasonal, and in all ways in good taste.

My recommendation is to rent a room over at the "Bonnie Mill" B & B (which includes a dinner at the Heritage House) and enjoy the total experience of visiting and dining in lovely little Chesaning.

Over all rating is eight and three quarters oinks, and a hearty "buurrpp"

Yours Truly
the Galloping Glutton

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