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  Eagle Tavern

November 20, 1995 

The GG has a couple of very most favorite places to dine during the Christmas season. The first is the Heritage House (see review) in Chesaning--the other is the "Eagle Tavern" at Greenfield Village.

The food is served in more than copious amounts as though you were a weary stage coach traveler c.1851. The wait folks stay in character, the building is real and the food is marvelous.

Yes it does cost extra to get in the Village, unless you buy a year's pass or a membership. Mrs GG and I have kept a membership there for years.

The menu changes by the season but there are always four or five main dishes to choose from. The trout is superb (and I don't generally like fish) The stews and meat pies are marvelous. Desserts are quite good but finding room for them is very difficult. The veggies are fresh or preserved, depending on what is authentic for the season. Go and fill up with food and cider and good conversation, and then go out and walk around and see what Christmas was like way back when--when the GG was a child and life was much much simpler.

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