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  DON'S, not in Traverse City

October 25, 1995 

If you are an habitué of Traverse City, and hang around over on the East Side of the city you have probably gorged yourself on the half pound burgers and 32 oz milk shakes while staring out at the highway and the beauty of the bay. Well kids, I've got news for you. It is no longer necessary to drive all the way up there, if your in the metroplex of the south. (Mind you I do recommend that you DO drive up to the Grand Traverse area as often as possible for other delights.)

Out on Grand River west of Novi Road and east of Wixom Road sits a new and marvelous incarnation of that place, it is called oddly enough "DON's of Traverse City" which makes sense since its in Wixom not Traverse City, but who would go to a place called "Don's of Wixom?"

The atmosphere is "real sincere" and Pet Clark, Elvis, The Big Bopper, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Fats, and all the rest play from the juke box. The walls are covered with fifties memorabilia, some real and some ersatz--no one would really believe that MM's one golden record ended up there. It's a diner of sorts--not a converted diner car, but it fits the bill.

The food is good and hot and lots of it. Burgers come in the quarter pound and half pound versions, in and out of the basket. In the basket comes with fries and cole slaw (both good). There are soups and coney's and a few other sandwiches and that's just about it except for the milk shakes/malts.

Mrs GG and I are separated by a denominational difference, she prefers shakes, I love malts. They come in three sizes; small (a normal type), medium (a moderate gut buster), and large (which is a full 32 oz's)--the thing of it is, they are so thick (use a spoon unless you can suck like Hoover) and creamy that you can gain weight thinking about them. Not once have I ever found those nasty slivers of ice. Now here's a neat trick, for a little extra change they throw in real fruit (real straw berries, etc).

This is not haute cuisine here, this fifties style (at least as I want to remember the fifties) pigging out. Its just a tad pricey but then the food is fresh and good--dinner for two with the biggest burgers in a basket and milk shakes will run a little under $20.00 which ain't bad considering the amount of food you get. Let me stress something about those burgers--these are not Mc'c, these are real old fashioned full of meat cooked to your order topped with real cheese and the works stuff. Go try it you'll like it.

Rating: seven oinks and two burp's
Yours till food goes away,
The Galloping Glutton

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