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  Golden Basket

March 19, 1996 
Golden Basket

One of the nicer surprises of this long and dreary winter was the discovery of a very pleasant eatery up in the Birmingham area. I must admit that I have not been impressed by much up there. I have found some very nice LOOKING places, but not much by way of service or quality in the food.

However, on the east side of Woodward (about across from Art Van's store) there sits a little gem. It is a typical family restaurant with a few extras.

The first thing that caught my attention was that I was greeted as I entered, by a member of the wait staff with menus in hand. I had my charming friend from Las Vegas in tow and the waitperson had two menus and two waters in hand. We were seated immediately in the none-smoking area (as requested.)

Over the past couple of weeks we have tried at various times to catch these good folks unawares, but to no avail. They are always ready to offer excellent service, no matter how busy, no matter what time of day.

The food is of a very good quality and ranges from burgers and fries to lamb chops. The prices are moderate to low. On a Friday I had the fish and chips, it was very well made. My friend has had the chicken and a burger, both she reports were very well prepared. Breakfast is very good also. And they have one waitress who prepares superb ice cream desserts. The pies are fresh.

The atmosphere is a typical family restaurant, clean and well kept. If you happen to be up around the 13-14 mile area on Woodward and feel the urge for a satisfying meal I would recommend stopping at the Golden Basket anytime.

seven oinks and a satisfied burp for a rating.

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