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  There Is A Time

There is a time
when all of nature
seems to rhyme,
And every creature,
no matter what its clime,
or special feature,

Begins to sing,
as though t'were spring.
E'en though Autumn's winds
Summer's warmth rescinds.

The time is when our hearts feel light,
And heaven and earth seem all aright.
As through our hearts,
and through our souls,
In all our parts,
In all our wholes.

We feel a surge,
A demanding urge,
The call to love,
comes from heaven above.

The time comes dawning to me
When my mind turns to thee,
And my hearts yearning quest,
find beating hard within my breast,
demands I find you, or have no rest.

Then I must go,
Whether wind or snow
Through moonless skies
I feel my love arise.

Then comes that time
When all of nature
needs no rhyme
For love's true feature,
I here define,
As love for you, my loving teacher.

You have taught, me dear
The meaning of love
And love has it's own sweet rhymes,
and its own sweet reason
Needs no moon, nor special season.
Nor sugar sweet nor talk of chimes
Nor is it found in heavens above
But rather tis here
In the one I love.

@ Charles Grifor 1996-1997  





Copyright 2005 [Charles Grifor] 
All Rights Reserved