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You Are The Answer?

                 I really don't have any idea why you, why me:

    You're not the answer to         I'm not an answer to
       a question I was asking,        a question at all

    You're not the answer
       to a question at all

    I was looking for an answer..    I wasn't answering  any questions
    But not to my question           Not your question?

                                     What's your question?
    No, what's your answer
                                     What's the question my dear?
    Are you an answer for a
     question I'm not asking?
                                     Find the question, you'll know your
                                          answer my love,
                       We're not answers to questions we
                        were asking, not nor never
                                 long  ago.

    Your not an answer,              Your a question I was asking
     you're a question                      long ago
     I was asking yesterday
                             lonnng ago
                             Yesterday Long ago

    Now the answer                   Yes dear? (spoken)[spoken for
      to the question                     this word only}]

   Is it you? [spoken]               What's the question?

   What's the answer?                Here's the answer

   Is it?                            It is


                          Then  you're the answer to
                         the question I wasn't asking,
                     and the dream that I held so long ago

                     We are answers to questions unspoken
                       The questions that were answered
                        Years ago, years ago, years ago..................

   Then the answer                   Yes the answer
                          Is love
                          Is love
                          Issss Love!

                   [cxcreshesndoscendo curtain falls]

    Read  the left column as a tenor/baritone voice, the right column as
    a soprano, the middle  column  as  both  together  []  instructions.
    First song, for you, for me, for we.


November 1995  Charles Grifor  





Copyright 2005 [Charles Grifor] 
All Rights Reserved